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FFAT September
Artist: Maddie Bailey
Bev Nash
ArtWalla First Friday PopUp
Artist Statement
2020 has been a challenging year to be creative. With only one art show in June, at CAVU, thanks to Pamela Sharp's generosity, I was able to sell some of my garden art. Now that I'm semi-retired my motivation has returned in time for the Pop-up and the 6X6 shows.

I usually become inspired on an annual September bicycle trip. Last year we toured in Bosnia and Croatia. The centuries old architecture was incredible with many of the structures still being occupied. A Roman Amphitheatre is still being used for concerts and many churches and cathedrals, are now art galleries. The food, especially the fresh fish, was prepared perfectly, every meal. We got to select our own fish and one very memorable time it was completely encased in a large salt mound and roasted in a special clay oven. I always took pictures of the fish as I was unfamiliar with the many species. One of my favorite art projects is making clay fish into garden art. I'm also trying to use my inventory of antique salvage pieces, driftwood, and hundreds of old barn nails. The small herd of hoofies I created helped me to reduce some of the latter inventory.

No overseas bicycle trip this September, as it will be an exploration of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I will explore many of the small-town museums and art galleries and enjoy the beauty of this unique area.
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