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FFAT Colleen Monet
Artist: Maddie Bailey
Colleen Monette
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What kind of images do you see in your work? (or themes)
With encaustic I work abstractly, even in representational work. I like repetition and to collage text into my art, especially handwritten text. I think theme wise, its minimal color. I say I’m afraid of color but I think it’s more that I really like cream, white, grey, earth tones. They are calming to me and aesthetically pleasing. 
How do you come up with your titles? Is it a process you begin during the making of the piece, or after?
I don’t enjoy coming up with titles! I often work on a series and give them all the same name: Labor Series, Portrait Series, etc., but sometimes a piece tells me it’s title as I’m painting. And every once in a while it knocks me off my feet, like I’ve just connected with a piece so profoundly it’s overwhelming.
How has the quarantine affected your art practice?
In February 2019, I moved into a large lovely studio in the Gerogetown neighborhood of Seattle, where I work and teach encaustic painting. It’s in a gallery (Fogue Studio and Gallery) that’s closed now because of the stay at home order, so I’ve stayed away. All my encaustic classes are postponed, too, of course. I have a small home studio in the basement so I’m working here.
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