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Artist: Maddie Bailey
Heather Sinclair
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Artist Statement
I create fused glass using a process of assembling the segments together and then firing them in a kiln which heats the materials up tp 1500 degrees, either tacking or melting the pieces together. Many of my finished pieces include found objects like stones, watch findings or copper wire. Why do I create? Because, it’s fun, and I’m always learning something new.

Fused glass is as much about science as it is about art. While it starts out as simple sand, with the addition of different additives, chemicals or metallics, glass changes properties and colors. Then, when placed on a kiln shelf, and fired at high temperatures, the outcome can be a riot of effects. Opening the kiln can sometimes be a surprise. Now and then, a piece will come out of the kiln and I say, “That’s not what I wanted to see…” But those mistakes can be lead to new paths to explore and become sources of inspiration. I wonder if I can replicate the holes, spaces, bubbles or colors. While each piece is unique, it’s interesting to analyze the mistake to see why it happened; to either avoid it from occurring again or try to recreate it in another piece.
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