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Artist: Maddie Bailey
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Artist Statement
A "trial and error" process, beginning in childhood into these twilight years, involved years of self-taught learning with a smattering of classes and workshops along the way. Oils were my primary love for many years actually due to their slow drying capacity allowing ease of blending and correction. My method has always been to limit myself to the primary colors and re-create a color of choice. It is important to me to not trace nor duplicate an image, but to create it myself with the aid of photos. In order to do so, since I am not a "natural" learning Basic Shape Drawing" has served the purpose. Realism was the focus on multiple surfaces, such as rustic wood and metal objects in addition to traditional canvas. These 'later' years other mediums have offered too much fun to resist allowing me to branch out and "loosen up."

Collage allows ones' pack rat tendencies to floris with absolutely anything becoming fair game for attaching to a surface! A story often emerges if time is allowed for the eyes to wander throughout a piece and let our imagination soar. The fluidity of alcohol inks fascinated me as a method to help loosen up my "up tight" oil painting technique which seems too rigid. The inks definitely have a mind of their own, thus the challenge has become learning to mix inks to achieve the colors desired and to control it enough to suggest realism.

An inner voice has always driven me to pursue art and to continue learning, as it is endless. Being told, "I had no talent" by an art teacher in my early teen years broke my heart but failed to silence that inner voice. The old adage "where there's a will, there's a way" can lead to perseverance enough to learn alternate ways of doing something that works for us and allows us to grow in ways beyond our imagination. It is sad that the Arts are sidelined in value, not just for it's assestic contribution but for the multiple areas it can serve in society. Our "right brains" aid us significantly!!
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