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FFAT L Wilson
Artist: Maddie Bailey
L. Wilson
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These paintings are part of my current series, 200 Miles Home, which were mostly inspired by local areas within that radius.  I have a home studio which I work out of, but am looking forward to starting an en plein air series in the near future.


A Pendleton native, as a child Wilson took the natural beauty that surrounded him for granted. After leaving the U.S. Air Force he moved to the Midwest. “What a rude awakening. Everything was flat, small hills were considered mountains. I kept expecting the hills to lead to the mountains, but they never did. I had to get back to my roots. I had to get back to the Pacific Northwest.”

Since returning, the natural beauty has become his inspiration, according to a bio, and unleashed a powerful passion to recreate that splendor through his art.

“When I’m out in the land I see the raw beauty of God’s handiwork. This is at the heart of all of my paintings. This is what I hope will come across in my art. I hope to bring a moment of rest and peace, a short break from the busy pace of everyday life. If a painting draws you in, if it brings about memories or inspires you, then I’ve done my job. I’ve achieved what I set out to do.”

Wilson’s current works are mainly oil paintings. “I enjoy the beauty and softness that other mediums can bring. I especially enjoy doing watercolors, really big watercolors, but there is something about working with oils. It lets me bring in texture and a sense of movement and depth that I could not achieve otherwise. It’s extremely challenging, but when you get it right, the end result is spectacular. A piece that really moves you.”

Also a musician, Wilson likes to bring his art and music together. He has won several awards at the Wallowa Valley Festival of the Arts, Carnegie Art Center and Seasons Faire. He has works in private and corporate collections and was executive director of the Betty Feves Memorial Gallery in Pendleton. In addition to giving art lessons, he teaches guitar, bass and drums. When not in his studio, he's likely hiking in the mountains, taking pictures and finding inspiration for his next series of paintings.

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