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Artist: Maddie Bailey
Lindsay Tebeck
ArtWalla First Friday PopUp
Artist Statement
Lindsay Tebeck is heavily inspired by line art from the Nouveau period and by contemporary American Neo-Traditionalism. These line-heavy styles are reflected in her own work as she ventures to marry nature with symbology to share social commentary with her viewers. Lindsay obtained her BFA in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2015 and has received numerous artist grants, honors, and awards for her works. She currently resides in a fantastically small wind-powered mobile home with her fiance' and two puppers. Her mantra is "what's for dinner?" and her bookshelf is ever expanding.

Lindsay Tebeck's work was featured in "F4: Flora, Fauna, Femme, Force" at Brasserie Four. ArtWalla included most of the work from "F4" in our First Friday virtual gallery. Click the link below to learn more!
F4 Show
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