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FFAT Linnea Keats
Artist: Maddie Bailey
Linnea Keatts
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Since the start of the Stay-at-Home regulation, I have been fortunate to have had the time to devote to exploring new techniques with Felting - using fragile Margilan Silk , from Uzbekistan , super-fine merino and silk, and natural fibers like viscose and bamboo in making fragile, drape-able elegant scarves. This technique is also described as “Stained-Glass”. This procedure requires many hours to create Prefelt fabrics, and then felt them to the this fine woven Margilan silk. A new tool for me to use in this process is a Finishing Sander! The Sander ( bubble wrap instead of Sandpaper), is used to carefully agitate the fibers together . The technique of Felting uses water, soap, and agitation to create these elegant scarves and Hot Water is then used to shrink the project creating a wearable fabric for You! The Stay-at Home time these last 10 weeks provided me the time to be creative and I am thankful for this opportunity!
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