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FFAT Paula Rose
Artist: Maddie Bailey
Paula Rose
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This series of paintings all began as a color placed on a blank canvas without an idea of what I will paint. I work from my subconscious mind and allow the images within the color(s) to beckon me.

Throughout my life, I’ve learned to trust my intuitive process. When I allow that to flow, life is different and art happens. It is a journey, and I try best to stay out of the way. I want my art to have a life of its have a voice.

Color is important as well because it’s healing. As an artist/massage therapist for most of my life, I gravitate towards creating art as healing for myself and others.

I get great satisfaction when others approach my work and find that it tells a story. And that story is different for each person.

The quarantine period has helped me artistically to focus and make art my priority. I have learned a lot during this time and want to share my artistry with you.

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