ArtSquared 2019   September 27 - 29

Imagine walking into an art show and seeing nearly 1000, 6x6 inch works of art, each attractively priced at $36. On the weekend of September 27 - 29 at CAVU Cellars, ArtWalla’s seventh annual ArtSquared will bring artists and art lovers together for a fun and exciting visual art event in Walla Walla. 

The event will also include a gallery exhibition with large format work by participating ArtSquared artists. The gallery exhibition will remain on view at CAVU Cellars from September 27th through October 31st.

This is ArtWalla's annual fundraiser with proceeds from the sale benefiting arts education in the Walla Walla Valley.

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2019 Artists

Kate Ahmann-Watson

Ariel Anderson

Joyce Anderson

Roy Anderson

Debbie Antes

Maddie Bailey

Kathryn Barron

Barbara Bates

Carol Betker

Charly Bloomquist

Nelsa BoisJolie

Helen Boland

Lauri Borer

Cade Bouta

Deborah Bruce

Kim Bruzas

Kathleen Casteel

James Cotts

Joyce Cox

Ted Cox

Sarah Crane

Christopher Dalan

Michael Darr

Mary Davies Kerns

Mary Delmas Robertson

Sandy Eids

Augusta Farnum

Patrick Fleming

Dana Froom

Margo Fox

Patricia Gardner

Joel Gaytan

Christine Gisi

Jan Gleason

Paul Good

Tara Graves

Katie Guldhammer

Anne Haley

Brandon Hallsted

Cynthia Hatch

Sarrah Lynne Havens

Tricia Harding

Ellen Heath

Megan Helmer

Julee Hightower Ryle

Ann Hooper

Nickolette Hultman

Karie Jacque

Margaret Jamison

John Jex

Twila Johnson Tate

Lorraine Jones

Joyce Klassen

Carol Knobel

Linnea Keatts

Shannon Kimball

Joyce Klassen

Randy Klassen

Carol Knobel

Julie Laufenburg

Irene Lawson

Russell Leighty

Sarah Leighty

Joanne Maclean

Rachel Marsh

Adrianna May

Katie Maxwell

Jeanne McMenemy

Craig Meldahl

Zac Merten

Julie Miller

M’Lisse Moerk

Colleen Monette

Lori Montgomery

Rachelle Moore

Karin Mueller

Beverly Nash

Kim Nemeth

Jared Nettles

Steve Nilson

Susan Owen

Cathy Pipes

Jess Portas

Kelli Powers

Toni Prehoda Kahler

Susan Price

Emily Pryor

Katy Rizzuti

Bill Rodgers

Sonja Rootvik

Angelia Samudre

Marilee Schiff

Diana Schmidt

Pamela Sharp

Denise Shives

Elizabeth Simcock

Heather Sinclair

Chele Smith Guess

Moriah Smith

Rachel Smith

Gayle Solberg

Cass Spangrude

Donna Spencer

Dorothy Steding

Greg Tate

Lindsay Tebeck

Susan Tompkins

Crystal Walk

Katherine Wildermuth

Sarah Wright

Betty Wood

Dianna Woolley

Lynn Woolson

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