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Art Kits

Our Art Kits program, formerly Arts in Health, was initially started to help those recovering from COVID-19. Studies have shown that art helps people heal and so this program was born to support our community throughout the pandemic. 

What about when there isn't a pandemic? 

Art still has the ability to help people, so we are revamping and expanding our program. In the next year we want to build 1000 art kits to  share with a variety of organizations working to help our community. This includes shelters, health centers, and more.

How can you help?

In April we applied and received a grant that covered approximately half of the funds we have calculated it will take to build 1000 kits, now we are setting a goal to raise the other half by February 28th, 2023! Below is our donation goal and tracker that will take you to our donation page. Once there you can decide how much you would like to gift to the Art Kits Program.

Another way to help is donation of supplies, below we have a list of supplies we put in the kits. To donate supplies directly to us please contact our Program Director at

The Kits

Each art kit will have one of four themes: painting, drawing, sculpture, or fabric arts. The kits will all have a set of supplies that are in every box including a notebook, pencil, ruler, etc. Then they will have items specific to their theme and all will come in a box that can be used as storage and as an art station. 

Donation Tracker

Goal: $6,000.00
Collected: $655.00


 Lined Notebooks Watercolor Paints
 #2 Pencils Watercolor Paper
 Rulers Drawing Paper
 Erasers 2H Pencils
Handheld Pencil Sharpeners 2B Pencils
 24-Pack Crayola Crayons 4B Pencils
 Mixed Media Paper Charcoal Pencils
 Glue Sticks Embroidery Needles
 Adult Scissors Embroidery Cloth
 Kids Scissors 3" Cross Stitch Hoops
 Clothespins Black Embroidery Thread
 Pipe Cleaners White Embroidery Thread
* Misc. Paper Scraps Misc. Colors Embroidery Thread

*Miscellaneous Paper Scraps are any scrap paper that is at least a few inches big and can be used for collage. Examples: leftover scrapbook paper, old magazines, old sheet music, fun packing paper/tissue, etc. We try to get these entirely by supply donations!

Contact us at

130 Rose Street #102

PO Box 2192

Walla Walla, WA 99362

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